Storm Update – 2:00 PM January 27, 2015
Blackstone-Millville schools will be closed on Wednesday, January 28th
Please allow the town vehicles the time and space needed to clear the roads.
Be safe and enjoy the snow.  


Friday, January 30, 2015
                           JFK/AFM Spirit Day “Soup”er Bowl Friday and Patriots or Favorite Football Team Day

                                            Bring soup or other canned item to school and support your favorite team        


 The John F. Kennedy School and the Millville Elementary School will be accepting kindergarten registration packets and preschool lottery applications for the 2015-2016 school year beginning January 12th thru February 27th, 2015.
To be eligible, kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1, 2015 and preschool students must be 3 years old and toilet trained by August 15, 2015.
Registration packets/lottery applications will be available in the John F. Kennedy School and Millville Elementary School offices beginning January 12, 2015.  Preschool lottery applications will also be available on January 12th
Preschool application letter 2015-2016 Revised





In the event that school is closed or delayed due to inclement weather, announcements will be posted on this banner and broadcast on the following radio and TV stations: WNRI, WOON, WSRS, WTAG, WBZ, WPRO, WRKO, WHJJ, WWBB, WSNE, and channels: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12 and local cable stations.


Our mission is to challenge students in a safe and stimulating environment where ideas are shared and change is embraced in a collaborative effort to improve teaching and learning. We nurture the values of academic achievement, good citizenship, and self-worth by providing a flexible, supportive, and responsive learning environment characterized by high expectations. We are committed to the academic, social/emotional, and physical well-being of all.


The Blackstone-Millville School District embodies an appreciation of life-long learning; excellence in individual and educational programs; and shared accountability among students, staff, parents and citizens of the community. Everyone works together in an environment founded upon trust, integrity, fairness, open-communication and the belief that all individuals can learn.

Core Values

Academic Standards and Expectations

Our school community believes that all students can learn and meet high standards while realizing that some students must overcome significant barriers. Students are offered an ambitious and rigorous course of study designed to maximize opportunities for future success.


Leadership is a key element of successful schools. All leaders, formal and informal, should proactively seek areas of improvement and develop and research options and propose solutions. Formal leaders will encourage and foster utilization of best practices.

Teaching and Professional Development

Teacher effectiveness is based on deep content knowledge and instructional skills and ongoing professional growth. Teaching is adjusted and is based on frequent monitoring of student progress and needs. A strong emphasis is placed on training and support in areas of most need.

Climate and Learning Environment

The school has a safe, healthy and intellectually stimulating learning environment. Our school climate fosters positive character traits. Students feel respected and connected with the staff and are engaged in learning.

Family and Community

There is a sense that all have a responsibility to educate students. Parents bring their own strengths, skills, perspectives and knowledge to the educational process, and all need to be welcomed and respected for their contributions. All students will be engaged. Positive conditions which address the whole child will be present and will address the physical, social, and emotional needs of students.

Collaboration and Communication

There is strong teamwork among teachers across all grades and with other staff. Everybody is involved and connected to each other, including parents and members of the community in working together to identify problems and work on solutions. Communication should be timely and contain appropriate information for the audience and be presented with an effective communication medium.

Our School

John F. Kennedy Elementary School
Principal: Mrs. Carol A. Brown
Asst. Principal: Mr. John C. Staples
Secretary: Mrs. Linda Lee

200 Lincoln Street
Blackstone, MA 01504
Phone: (508) 876-0118
Fax: (508) 876-0158
School Absence Line: (508) 876-0199

Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Student Hours: 8:50 AM – 3:00 PM