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In order to prepare students to live in and contribute to a changing world and engage in active, lifelong learning, John F. Kennedy Elementary provides a balanced curriculum designed to meet the academic, cultural, and social needs of our students. We provide an education for the child as a whole, focusing on the body, spirit and mind, allowing each student to be equipped for their rigorous learning experience.

Our Vision

Students should be encouraged to stretch the boundaries of their imagination, strive for personal excellence and develop the interests, strategies and skills necessary to contribute positively and productively to an evolving global society.

Principal's Message


Welcome to John F. Kennedy Elementary School’s website. Each school year is filled with many opportunities for us to learn and grow together, and we want to ensure that these experiences are the best possible for you and your children.

At JFK, we aim to fulfill each child’s potential, by:

  • Building a relational school culture through the implementation of meaningful, mindful and positive practices that cultivate healthy relationships and provide pragmatic guidance to understanding and managing conflicts.


  • Providing a nurturing learning environment where honesty and respect are valued, and differences celebrated; ensuring that each child is provided with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.


  • Instilling a sense of accountability and responsibility in students by providing them with the strategies and tools necessary to take charge of their learning, developing the skills necessary for them to become life-long learners.


  • Through the implementation of innovative movement initiatives students are encouraged to engage in their learning in a focused and flexible environment.


  • Providing a safe and trusting school climate that encourages collaboration and fosters the discovery and development of each child’s unique identity and positive self-image.


  • Offering an inclusive, balanced and varied school curriculum that maintains high academic expectations while encouraging students to reach their individual maximum potential.

As we move into the 2023-2024 school year, staff will continue to dedicate their focus on improving learning for all students through collaboration, aligned curricula, data collection and assessment.


As a John F. Kennedy Elementary community, we view parents as an essential partner in building a positive successful path for our students. It truly does take a village! Education is a joint venture and we greatly appreciate the support you provide to our children at home and school to help them meet their personal learning goals.


The purpose of this website is to share some important information about JFK. In addition to this website our handbook, calendar and monthly newsletters provide more information about our school and programs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our school and its programs and policies.


Thank you for your partnership in your child’s education,

Mrs. Sonia Busnardo

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